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Our story

Our story

One team; one dream, shared values & philanthropic passion.

We always strive to enjoy and see the beauty in life, and a cup of coffee was always part of that vision.

From there on, we asked ourselves: How do we make an impact in the world while enjoying its fruits? As natives of Haiti, the answer was simple, better COFFEE!!! Why? At one point, Haiti produced half of the world’s coffee.

Our soil is rich. Our flavor is distinct, with unexpected notes of chocolate and other local flavors born of the soil.

This creates an incredible coffee experience. With the inspiration of reviving the coffee industry, Cafe de la Vie has partnered with the inventor of Mokafe, Stephane Martin, and the family of Café Selecto, Geffrey Wiener, to introduce the first premium Haitian coffee to the world.

Together, the Mokafe team serves the greater purpose supporting the local Haitian agriculture and economy with Mokafe Cup of Hope.

Our life

Mokafe is the reinvention of a long-storied
tradition from the world’s foremost
producer of coffee.

Mokafe is the reinvention of a long-storied tradition from the world’s foremost producer of coffee. Coffee serves as a median in our lives and we want to share our experience with you. Mokafe offers several unique flavor variations as you enjoy each distinct roast from the lands of Haiti.

Mokafe Cup of Hope is an initiative to elevate the coffee production in Haiti. By working with and supporting 8,000 farmers to invest in their coffee crop, we are bringing real change to boost economic growth in those areas. Along with your support, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the good people at Selecto, we support coffee production and farmers by formations of co-ops with the mission to expand access to goods, services, income and employment opportunities for vulnerable populations in the coffee areas of Beaumont and Thiotte.

Fair pricing and financing for coffee farmers within co-ops to enhance productivity, keeps the quality of the coffee by upgrading existing infrastructure, and lastly, build the business capacity of coffee by training farmers and cooperatives on good agronomic practices by providing knowledge and strategic communication.

In addition, Mokafe is dedicated to continuing to supply resources towards making a sustainable impact through Healthcare and education. Mokafe supports the local communities by investing in healthcare in the southeast region of Haiti along with accessible education to 4,200 students attending the twenty-three schools associated with HCM.
As the famous Haitian proverbs says, “menn anpil chay pa lou” many hands lighten the load.


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