Mokafe Coffee

Our Story

Two brothers; one dream, shared values, and a philanthropic passion. We always strive to enjoy and see the beauty in life, and a cup of coffee was always part of that vision. From there on, we asked ourselves: How do we make an impact in the world while enjoying its fruits? As natives of Haiti, the answer was simple, better COFFEE!!! Why? At one point, Haiti produced half of the world's coffee. Our soil is rich. Our flavor is distinct, with unexpected notes of chocolate and other local flavors born of the soil. This creates an incredible coffee experience. With the inspiration of reviving the coffee industry, Cafe de la Vie has partnered with the inventor of Mokafe, Stephane Martin, and the family of Café Selecto, Geffrey Wiener, to introduce the first premium Haitian coffee to the world. Together, the Mokafe team serves the greater purpose supporting the local Haitian agriculture and economy with Mokafe Cup of Hope.