Mokafe Coffee

A Mokafe Moment

“Yon moman ak Mokafe”

One to savor. It’s the taste of time-honored tradition.

Mokafe’s 100% Arabica beans are grown in the rich soil of southern Haiti. Made in small batches, we use the time-honored tradition of Kafe Pile: the Haitian way of processing coffee. Our single-origin beans are blended with local ingredients to create flavor varieties found nowhere else in the world.

Unlike any other. It’s sustainability in every sip. 

Mokafe Coffee is a testament to the beauty and greatness of Haiti and Haitian culture. We are passionate about strengthening Haiti’s agricultural trade, creating sustainable futures for Haitian coffee farmers, and respecting and protecting our island’s environment.

How do we do it?

One dream. One team. One Cup at a time.

Haitian woman enjoying a cup of Mokafe coffee

Like the Haitian proverb teaches,“menn anpil chay pa lou”Many hands lighten the load.

Discover what makes Mokafe Coffee more than just another cup.

Take A Mokafe Moment Today

Take A Mokafe Moment Today

Take your taste buds on a Caribbean getaway - if only for a Mokafe moment.

Our Unique Process

Made in small batches, Mokafe honors the Haitian tradition of Kafe Pile, to care for our coffee. Used for centuries, Kafe Pile is the most natural way of processing coffee.

Find Your Flavor

Marabou or Tanboo?

Or our best selling Cap Rogue Chocolate?

Whichever flavor your choose, we’re sure you’ll enjoy a true taste of Haiti delivered straight to your door!

Our Unique Process

Find Your Flavor

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