Mokafe Coffee

Our Process

From the mountains of Thiotte and Beaumont, Mokafe brings you the best coffee cherries handpicked by Haitian farmers, packed, and transported to our respective local cooperatives. The beans are then cleaned, triaged, and packed to a quality standard checked sac to be transported to Selecto in Port-au-Prince.

Arriving at Selecto, the coffee beans go through an important drying process. This method is the oldest method of processing coffee called “Kafe Pile”. The beans are spread out in the sun on a large concrete to reach the humidity level desired.

Our quality control staff then picks up the coffee to test for a well balance acidity, aroma and flavor. Once cleared by quality control, the most important process is roasting and grinding the beans to the specification Mokafe blend and packaged to such. The packaged coffee goes through an eye and smell check to be shipped. Mokafe is then shipped to Charlotte, NC where it passes its clearance through customs and FDA. And lastly, Mokafe is distributed to its respective areas; its final destination, your cup. All this to bring back the history and richness of authentic Haitian coffee from farm to your home! Enjoy!

Our process infographic Our process infographic

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