Mokafe Coffee

Better Coffee. Brighter Days.

Mokafe is the reinvention of a long, storied tradition from the world’s foremost producer of coffee.

100% Haitian Coffee Has Arrived in the US Market

The interest in Haitian coffee stems from a long and storied tradition. Over a century ago, half the coffee in the world was produced in the mountains of Haiti.

In addition to providing a single-origin, unique product, the Mokafe brand will serve a higher purpose supporting the local Haitian agriculture and economy with a portion of proceeds from sales benefitting the humanitarian efforts of the Haitian Christian Mission.

Better Coffee. Brighter Days.

Mokafe is the reinvention of a long, storied tradition from the world’s foremost producer of coffee.

Our effort is to support Haitian coffee farmers to revamp national production and position Haiti as a worldwide premium coffee producer.

We seek to benefit the quality of life of the farmers, providing them a secure source of income for food on the table, clean water, and school for their children.

5 Distinct Flavors in 10 oz. Bags

Each Mokafe variety has its own distinct, yet subtle, flavor characteristics, much like a premium chocolate, wine, and craft beer.

Product names are connected to Haitian culture and history, with flavor descriptors to increase intrigue and highlight uniqueness.

La Perle Vanilla

There is a reason why the French nicknamed Haiti La Perle des Antilles (“The Pearl of the Antilles”) in the 1700s: the rich natural beauty of its stunning views and mountains lush with trees immediately captured their hearts. The delightful aroma of our La Perle Vanilla embodies the island’s tropical landscape with its natural complements of sweet vanilla beans. This light-medium roast coffee calls to mind the Haiti that once was and serves as a motivation to thrive once again for future generations to come. 

Beaumont Tradition

Named for a commune in Haiti renowned as much for its lush seaside views as it is for its perfect coffee bean, Beaumont Tradition transports you to one of the most beautiful places in Haiti with its full-bodied taste of rich, earthy flavors and just a hint of chocolate. The smooth finish of this medium-dark roast traditional coffee evokes the peace and serenity of Beaumont’s mountainous sea views. Our Beaumont Tradition blend symbolizes our love for this land and what we desire for both Haiti and the world — Peace.

Tanboo Caramel

The national musical instrument of Haiti is the tanboo, a type of barrel drum. The oldest drums date back several centuries and are from old Haitian temples. The organic, versatile sound of the taboo can be used for dancing, general merry-making, and supposedly for healing, and according to professional drummers, the older the drum, the better the sound. Our Tanboo Caramel’s sweet, buttery flavor recalls the rhythms of the island and its people. The bright honey notes that enrich the milder taste of this medium roast evoke the spirit of a people who stand strong in the face any given challenges by dancing and singing to the sound of drums.

Marabou Hazelnut

Marabou is a word of Haitian origin that denotes multiracial admixture. The nutty, buttery flavor of our Marabou Hazelnut celebrates the different ethnicities that make up post-colonial Haiti, and the smooth finish of this medium roast evokes the harmony that we all seek. The coffee’s bright walnut tones and mellow taste evoke the joining together of different cultures in the best way possible.